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BBQ Recipes

  • Perfect Pizza Oven Pizza Dough Recipe

    This pizza recipe comes from a friend of the Horsham Outdoor cook Centre who was so pleased with their Alfa Pizza Oven, they had to share their recipe...  Ingredients For 4 people (6 pizzas) 1 kg of flour (of which 800 gr type 00
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  • Barbecued cooked lamb shoulder with grilled vegetables

    This glorious Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder With Grilled Vegetables is ideal to make on a barbecue. This recipe comes from award winning chef Lewis Hamblet, Executive Chef with South Lodge Hotel, Horsham, West Sussex and was cooked on a Kamado Joe BBQ. Ingredients 1
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  • Grilled breast of duck, asparagus, little gem, and orange

    Grilled breast of duck tastes delicious when cooked on a barbecue with asparagus, little gem and orange. Here South Lodge Hotel's Executive Chef, Lewis Hamblet, has used the Kamado Joe to cook up this treat. Ingredients 4 duck breasts 12 pieces of asparagus 2
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  • Roasted pigeon on barbecue

    Roasted pigeon is perfect for grilling on a barbecue. This delicious roasted pigeon, cauliflower and plum with golden sultana and pine nut dressing from award winning chef Lewis Hamblet is a dish to delight friends and family. Ingredients 4 pigeon crowns (no legs) 2 firm
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  • Grilled pineapple with coconut and chilli

    Grilled pineapple with coconut and chilli is the perfect dessert to finish a meal on a barbecue. This recipe created by award winning chef Lewis Hamblet is simple to create, but a real culinary delight. Cooked on the Kamado Joe, this dessert serves 4 Ingredients
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